​NEW HOMES: Developers presented a 3D plan

NEW HOMES: Developers presented a 3D plan

of a new 68-home development for Laceby to North East Lincolnshire Council's planning committee. Pictured are, from left: Richard Likupe, architect, Kevin Snape, director of Snape Properties Ltd, and Joe Snape, site manager.

LACEBY will be extended to the north by almost 70 new homes after plans for a new housing estate were passed.

The application from developer Snape Properties Ltd was approved by eight votes to two by North East Lincolnshire Council's Planning Committee.

The application includes 68 new homes on agricultural land that sits outside the village's settlement boundary. It includes a mix of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses as well as bungalows.

The developer has agreed to provide a new mini-roundabout on the corner of Butt Lane to provide better access, as well as to widen parts of the road.

A payment of £157,000 will also be paid to support primary schooling in Laceby.

The chamber was told that the land fell into the category of a "contingency" site as part of the plan to reach the borough's five year housing needs.

 Architect Richard Likupe said the development would target the new workforce for the renewables sector on the Humber Bank.

He said feedback from local residents had been taken into account within the design

Councillor Philip Jackson (Con, Waltham) said he felt that transport infrastructure in Laceby had not kept up with the developments over the past ten to 15 years.

"We know road access is not particularly good and a number of the objections quite rightly raise the fact that there doesn't seem to be a strategic approach with regard to access," he said.

"My concern is that we are getting to a stage where we have an unsuitable highway network that is only being tinkered with."

Councillor Iain Colquhoun (Con, Waltham) also questioned the quality of access to the site.

He said: "It's not Butt Street or Butt Avenue; it's Butt Lane. Some people in this authority don't seem to pay much attention to the history in that this site has never been one that is easily opened up."

He criticised a "piecemeal approach" to traffic improvements.

And he questioned whether raised land being added at the west of the site would restrict noise from the nearby Sanscoe Kennels to the new houses.

"If it does go ahead we have to be prepared for a number of telephone calls," he said. "The owner of the kennels would be quite within their rights to say 'I told you so'."

Councillor Terry Thurogood (Lab, Croft Baker), said the new mini roundabout would help resolve a "longstanding issue".

But he warned: "It's an incursion into open countryside and one that we said we would restrict development on.

"But policies which were relevant back in 2003 need to be looked at again with regard to our housing needs."