​MORE HOMES; Opposing the proposed housing development,

MORE HOMES; Opposing the proposed housing development,

on land off Field Head Road, Laceby, are, from left, Jenny Griffiths, representing Charles Avenue and St Peter's Grove residents, Councillor David Hasthorpe, Conservative Wolds, and Brian Fragle, representing Field Head Road estate residents. Picture: Rick Byrne

LACEBY residents have raised concerns over how a proposed housing development is likely to impact on the village.

Brian Fragle, 68, of Elm Lane, got a letter through his door from Cofely about the potential site that aims to house over 150 homes on a plot of agricultural land.

But the letter was only distributed to certain affected households on Field Head Road, Yews Lane and Charles Avenue saying they had limited time to register their thoughts with North East Lincolnshire Council.

Therefore, Mr Fragle helped organise a community get-together where around 60 residents turned up to air their views – all were said to be against the development.

The parish council has already submitted their comments to the local authority in their role as a statutory consultee and have also made it clear that they do not support the application.

Mr Fragle said: "Most of the residents knew nothing about the development plans but they were determined to prevent it from going ahead.

The application is in two phases, 64 dwellings are planned on the Field Head Road end and 88 more on land adjoining Charles Avenue.

The construction is expected to be over a period of seven years, which brings about the issue of construction traffic before anyone even moves in.

Mr Fragle said key points mentioned in the meeting included:

Concerns about the maintenance of valuable agricultural land

Feelings that the village infrastructure cannot cope with this planning application, in addition to other developments in Laceby, namely 70 on Butt Lane and 100 on Blyth Way

Views that people have moved to Laceby to enjoy village life and don't wish to see it destroyed

Concerns that the increased traffic though the village and in particular Field Head Road will cause disruption and become dangerous.

Jenny Griffiths, of Charles Avenue, said: "It feels like the village could implode. I'm concerned for the quality of life of my neighbours and the added stress and congestion that will be on the village."

Councillor David Hasthorpe, who spent many years as a resident of Charles Avenue, said: "I'm supporting the residents. I know the area very well having grown up here back in the days when we were the new estate.

"The sheer amount of traffic that they will be trying to push through the bottleneck on Field Head Road is a recipe for disaster.

"Think about all the cars that will be coming through here and many of the new homes may have two vehicles too.

"With the queues that will no doubt develop with cars trying to get on to the dual carriageway, people will start going through the village instead which will cause problems.

"Does Laceby need 150 more houses on top of other sites? I think not."

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